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Hatebreed -- Louisville, KY -- December 8th, 2011

So a group of friends and I decided to hit up the hatebreed show in Louisville tonight it was an off date for share the welt. I wouldn't have gone had five finger death punch been there. Some locals opened the show that sucked. I didn't really pay attention.


They took forever to set up and get on stage but it was worth the wait. I found it strange that they has the drums and amps completely covered until the lights went out but I soon learned why. They dropped the covers and there was Christmas lights and stockings hanging from the amps and drums. They also put up a Christmas tree. They came out to the song "it's the most wonderful time of the year" stage was dark with only the Christmas stuff lit up and they quickly went Into to the threshold with the lights coming fully on. It was your average hatebreed setlist with a couple thorn in from their first cd. I'm not sure how long they played because I didn't have my phone on me but it was pretty long. High energy and a ton of crowd reaction all the way through. Even the security guards were standing on the barrier not helping people but instead headbanging and directing people to mosh. Was awesome.

I caught a hatebreed pick from Wayne. I also got a VIP meet and greet and hung out for a bit after the show. Jamey and Wayne remembered me from previous times because of my tattoo. I got my lamenent signed by everyone.

As best as I can remember. Not in order besides the first two and last two

It's the most wonderful time of the year intro
To the threshold
Everyone bleeds now
In ashes the shall reap
Empty promises
Before dishonor
Tear it down
This is now
Last breath
Destroy everything
Never let it die
Facing what consumes you
As diehard as they come
Live for this
I will be heard

There maybe a couple more I cannot remember.

All the remains
Was the boring. They are still playing the same sets as they did from mayhem 09. I think they played two from fall of ideals and that was this calling and the air that I breathe. Was stupid. I found it funny that Phil would be like " you guys want something heavy!?" and then they would play stuff from overcome. Get the fuck out with that shit you asshole. Half the venue cleared out after hatebreed and of the people left half were waiting to meet hatebreed after the show so it was funny when Phil got pissy that the crowd wasn't into it. Here's an idea Phil, fucking play stuff from this darkened heart! Then maybe people will be into your band. In the middle of the set it was more entertaining to watch the people that were getting into fights. I spent a good three songs watching an argument. So once again this band can go away until they decide to acknowledge their early work that got them where they are. they also played a shorter set than hatebreed. Which was weird but I'm not complaining

All in all I had a great time it was worth the 2 hour drive there and back. I'll post a picture of the lamenent when I get a chance.
Hmm, interesting.

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