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Originally Posted by The Ghost at Number One View Post
I'll have to check him out. I wouldn't exactly call myself a fan, but, admittedly, the only songs I know are singles. I've liked more than a couple of them, though. Summer of '69 is actually an all-time favorite of mine. Pure, perfect pop.

I think the last couple of times he's toured the U.S. he's been solo acoustic. Would you recommend that over a band show?
Not really, not that I've seen him do a full solo acoustic show. He's toured it here twice, but never plays London on those tours. No idea why.

When he does solo acoustic songs to close the band shows, he always does ballads, so I've never seen him do something like 'Run To You' solo acoustic.

He's worth checking out, for sure. Very good live performer. But he tends to be expensive. If this had just been a regular tour I would have skipped it because of the price. It's only that it's the anniversary tour of my favourite album that I went for it. Glad I did, even though he didn't play my favourite song

As with most soft rock acts that are popular with everyone's mother, his best songs aren't his singles.

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