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Obscura -- Richmond, VA -- December 6th, 2011

Arrived at the Kingdom at around 4:30. The doors were supposed to open at 5, but they didn't open until 5:30. Turnout was small like most of the shows on this tour, but that just made it easier to get up front.

They had two locals opening the show. First band was a deathcore band called Prophetic Vision, and they were pretty fucking bad. Their entire set ran together and it was pretty sloppy and boring. Their bass player wasn't bad, though. The second band was Fall to Eternity, another deathcore band. They were better than the first band, but they still weren't very good. I began to regret showing up on time.

Once Enfold Darkness hit the stage, things took a turn for the better. I was surprised to find that this band is on Sumerian Records, because they sound nothing like the usual bands that they have. Their unique blend of technical death metal and melodic black metal transitioned well live, and they've apparently accquired a new vocalist, who did an excellent job with the band's material. They had good stage presence and were the first band to really get the crowd moving. I will definitely need to check into this band more.

Abysmal Dawn hit the stage soon after, and boy did they hit HARD. These guys didn't fuck around. As frontman Charles Elliot stated "if you guys are here for death growls, riffs, blast beats, some double bass, and a lot of guitar solos, you've come to the right place!" Charles wasn't lying; they delivered all of that and there wasn't a single person in the crowd who wasn't headbanging or moshing. They even teased us with the opening riff to Decapitated's "Spheres of Madness" which was a nice treat. Their set mostly consisted of material from their new record "Leveling the Plane of Existence", which was fine by me, since it's their best album so far. These guys really put on one hell of a show!

Me and my friends then got a spot at the front and waited for Obscura. After being constantly skipped on previous tours, I was finally getting to see one of my favorite bands, and on a headliner no doubt! Then the lights dimmed, the entire band came out, and the acoustic strumming of "Septuagint" that should be all too familiar with Obscura fans rang through the air. Every single note, riff, melody, and solo was nailed pretty much perfectly. They did have a bit of a sound problem after the first two songs, but they decided to play through it, as it didn't really affect their sound. Seeing Christian play the guitar solo to "Vortex Omnivium" was truly an experience. We even had a wave going on during the melodic section of "Incarnated". Not to mention Hannes' drum solo was fucking awesome. Before i knew it, they had already finished with "Centric Flow" and were done with their set.

The show got off to a rough start, and I really wish the top three bands could have had longer sets (especially Obscura and Abysmal Dawn), but Obscura are without a doubt one of the best bands I have ever had the pleasure of seeing.

Obscura Setlist:
1. Septuagint
2. Vortex Omnivium
3. Ocean Gateways
4. Anticosmic Overload
5. Incarnated
6. Universe Momentum
7. Hannes Drum Solo
8. Centric Flow
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