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25. TesseracT - One

I fucking hate djent. I truly do. I hate the trend and how all of it's fans seem so ignorant of Meshuggah and how they're the ones who were doing this long before anyone else. That being said, that doesn't stop this from being a dam good debut, and a solid record. When I first heard TesseracT, I didn't dig it at all, but seeing them live made me re-evaluate them, and give their E.P., Concealing Fate, a proper try. I was floored, and when I found out their debut record was that E.P. plus 5 other tracks, I couldn't wait to get my hands on it. This is a seriously solid prog-tinged metal release, with lots of heavy riffs and big ambient sections to sick your teeth into. Songs like Nascent and Eden show a band with a serious penchant for writing catchy but diverse songs, with few repeating sections, but maintaining a hook nontheless, compelling the listener on. The Concealing Fate E.P., tracks 3-9, is as good as it ever was, and fits nicely as a 6 movement epic in the middle of the album. Although this isn't to everyone's taste, if you enjoy stuff like Animals As Leaders, and music that is just a little bit off the beaten track, I can't recommend this enough.

Nascent -
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