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JD's top 10 HARDCORE releases of 2011 :urmoshing:

Looking back at 2011, I realized that probably 85% of what I listened to - across all genres - was hardcore. I really learned to love this genre this year, a lot more so than metal. Some fucking excellent albums came out, and I won't be able to do all of them justice, but I'm gonna listen my personal top 10 releases. I'm pretty sure I've listened to all the heavy hitters and a lot of the smaller stuff, but you never know what little bands are out there in hardcore, putting out killer 7"'s that go right under your nose.

If you aren't a hardcore fan, I really, REALLY encourage you to check out the albums I'm gonna list. This list means a lot more to me this year than what my "best metal of 2011" is gonna be for the official thread, when it comes around. So thanks for reading my list (as always), and enjoy the countdown! I think it'll get a little better reception than my favorite deathcore albums list.
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