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Defenders of the Faith Tour -- Newcastle, England -- December 7th, 2011

I've just got back from the gig and have been seriously ill all day, but that didn't stop me from having an outstanding time tonight. Anyway, here we go.

We arrive at the venue at around 6:30pm, we missed ''Immense'', so sorry, no set I'm afraid.

Anyway, Rise To Remain hit the stage and played for around 25 minutes, these guys are pretty good at what they do, but it certainly isn't my cup of tea. It surprises me that Bruce Dickinson's son is in a metalcore band, would of thought Bruce would of shown the band how to actually make real metal (I kid, don't flame me :P) but anyway, decent performance, decent band, but as I said, they're just not for me. 6.5/10

Rise to Remain's set:

1. The Serpent
2. This Day Is Mine
3. City of Vultures
4. Power Through Fear
5. Nothing Left
6. Bridges Will Burn

After about a 25 minute wait, Ghost hit the stage. Now, these guys are weird as shit, but in a rather unique, interesting, good way. They're a 'Satanic Melodic Metal' band, or they can be viewed (through my eyes anyway) as the Satanic version of Blue Oyster Cult. When you think of a satanic band, you usually think of fast messy riffs with extremely hard to understand vocals/screams (Well I do anyway.). However, these guys were more of a hard rock band then anything, all of the band members apart from the singer dress in dark hooded robes, while the singer is basically dressed as an un-holy pope, seriously, search these guys on youtube, and you'll see exactly what I mean if you have no clue on who they are, they have a hell of a stage presence. I shall be looking more into this band, and as soon as they release their new album, I will certainly give it a go. 7.5/10

Ghost's set:

1. Con Clavi Con Dio
2. Elizabeth
3. Prime Mover
4. Death Knell
5. Stand By Him
6. Ritual

In Flames up next, I was mostly looking forward to these guys more then any of the bands on the bill, due to the fact I skipped while at Sonisphere, due to them playing on the second stage which had completely terrible sound quality and very fucking low. Anyway, they put on a great performance, but they played FAR too many new songs. Don't get me wrong, the new album aint bad, but compared to their others? it has nothing on most of them. The crowd mostly went crazy to their most well known songs like 'The Mirrors Truth', 'Take This Life' etc. I was disappointed that they didn't play classics such as 'Trigger', 'Colony', 'Only for the Weak' etc. But nevertheless, great performance. 8.0/10

In Flames' set:

1. Sounds of a Playground Fading
2. Deliver Us
3. All Of Me
4. The Mirrors Truth
5. The Quiet Place
6. Fear is the Weakness
7. Ropes
8. Where the Dead Ship Dwell
9. Cloud Connected
10. Take This Life

Now I actually read many reviews of Trivium's shows, mostly positive, but usually 'decent'. However, this was not the case here, they were fucking awesome, they're easily one of the musically tightest bands around, and all of their songs sounded IDENTICAL to their album versions. I had one hell of a blast when Trivium came out, from the vocals, to the solo's, everything was pretty much spot on, and I would highly suggest seeing them if you possibly are a semi-fan or are just in need for a awesome metal show. The only bad thing I can say is the fact they played nothing from the 'The Crusade' and not playing one of my favourite songs by them 'Like Callisto to a Star in Heaven'. They also could of took a couple of Ascendancy and replaced them with either more Shogun or Crusade, but whatever, they were fantastic nevertheless. (Also note, Austin Dickinson joined Trivium on stage for the song 'Pull Harder'') 9.5/10

Trivium's Set:

1. In Waves
2. Drowned and Torn Asunder
3. A Gunshot to the Head of Trepidation
4. Dusk Dismantled
5. The Deceived
6. Built to Fall
7. Down From The Sky
8. Departure
9. Like Light To Flies
10. Black
11. Caustic Are The Ties That Bind
12. Dying In Your Arms
13. Pull Harder on the Strings of Your Martyr (With Austin Dickinson)
14. Kirisute Gomen
15. Throes of Perdition

So other then being extremely ill from bad acid reflux, this was an awesome gig, easily one of the best I've been to this year, so if you ever get a chance to see In Flames, Ghost or Trivium on the same bill, or even individually, do it.


Cheers for reading guys.

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