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Originally Posted by ravenheart View Post
OK, here goes:

- Myrath's previous album was better
- Demon's Eye should be a lot higher, certainly higher than Doogie's solo album, although that was a damn good album too
- Royal Hunt with Mark Boals > Royal Hunt with DC Cooper
- Placing of Mr. Big and Voodoo Circle is about right, so long as that fucking awful new Sinner album isn't higher
- If any of Holy Force, Ilium, Vinder, Images of Eden, Valsans or Emerald Sun place in your list, I'll find and kill you

That do you?
-If I would've actually ranked these honorable mentions, Demon's Eye would've been around 26th or 27th - and Doogie's solo album would've been around 34th or 35th.
-Paradox II: Collision Course with Boals is my second-favorite Royal Hunt album, so I obviously love that era of their career. And the last record (X) was still better than the new album. But it's Royal Hunt. They're one of those "by the numbers" bands I can really enjoy.
-I'd ignore this page for the next 24 hours...
-I guess I don't have to fear for my life then.
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