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Originally Posted by christopher View Post
I actually got a 24oz and the studying is coming great! I have a multi variable calculus final at 8am and I'm over prepared.

I went to grab a drink with my friend at a bar a little bit ago to get out of the house for a bit cause I've been non stop studying for the last few days. I had a glass of Jameson cause I find it delicious. I went by 711 on the way home just to get a beer to have before going to be and they were out of most things. I had a choice of Bud Light, Natty Ice, Four Loko and Steel Reserve. I actually don't mind shitty beer, so I grabbed it cause it sounded the best to me.
Ah, usually Mickeys is in there somewhere, that's the way to go.
12/17 Metallica?
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