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Originally Posted by Sepultura69 View Post

Oh boy. I remember my "steel reserve" days. Good luck on the studying once you finishing downing that 40z steel reserve
I actually got a 24oz and the studying is coming great! I have a multi variable calculus final at 8am and I'm over prepared.

Originally Posted by TonyD View Post
Now you usually only see Steel Reserve if a) you can't afford anything like better, or b) you're trying to get buzzed quick but don't drink hard alcohol, so this post makes absolutely no sense to me.
I went to grab a drink with my friend at a bar a little bit ago to get out of the house for a bit cause I've been non stop studying for the last few days. I had a glass of Jameson cause I find it delicious. I went by 711 on the way home just to get a beer to have before going to be and they were out of most things. I had a choice of Bud Light, Natty Ice, Four Loko and Steel Reserve. I actually don't mind shitty beer, so I grabbed it cause it sounded the best to me.
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