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Originally Posted by illuminatus917 View Post

#39 Black Tusk - Set the Dial

Black Tusk's sludge metal is much more uptempo, to the point that sometimes it sounds like borderline punk with its often ferocious pace. The vocals don't help either, but the instruments themselves are definitely sludge, not punk. Black Tusk is far more one-dimensional than, say, Giant Squid, but what they do they do well. This album is really tightly packed and focuses on its thesis without getting experimental. There are some great riffs, and the album as a whole is fairly technical (which is fairly natural and commonplace with faster music), but unlike a lot of bands that do the technical thing, it doesn't subtract from this record at all. The standout track is probably "Resistor." No vocals on this track, and some real groovy guitar parts. But most of the songs have some real groovy guitar parts, I just wish more of them had no vocals.
Decent assessment. I want to like this album more, but I just can't. It has some great moments, but that's really about it.

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#38 Tombs - Path of Totality

I really feel this album might be the most overrated album of the year. The amount of hype its received is astounding: (NPR) (Decibel) (Pitchfork)

It's a good album, no doubt about it. But when I listen to it there's nothing that warrants its being a top 5 release. Or a top 25 release, for that matter. That's not to say it won't grow on me though. This record basically takes the sound from Winter Hours, refines it, constructs a balance between cleanness and chaos, and the result takes the listener to a dark, hazy, uncertain place. What's interesting is that, unlike Winter Hours which had far less discernible riffs, the riffs here are discernible, though chaotic, yet the whole album somehow maintains an incredibly clean feeling despite its chaos. The chaos is on a noise level, not a structural level. I think the vocals are fantastic. As is the atmosphere of the whole thing. One thing's for sure, this is some of the most abrasive sludge I've ever heard.
Good insight here. Unless I hear something I haven't before when I give it a few more spins, I'm afraid I'm going to have to agree with you on this one.

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#36 Moonlit Sailor - Colors in Stereo

Here's one of the few happy, upbeat, lifting records on this list. Ranking the best post-rock records of the year alone was extremely challenging, and somehow it feels wrong putting this one so low on the list, especially considering higher ranked post-rock albums/EP's have far less quality material than the brilliant 42 minutes that is Colors in Stereo. Nevertheless, this was a top 6 post-rock release. Signatures of this band: engaging rhythms, beautiful melodies, rich, vibrant, tightly constructed, momentous, and layered. All these things combined produce that grandiose sound that's Moonlit Sailor's unmistakable trademark. They're the best post-rock band doing this style of post-rock. I didn't think so at first, but after a few more listens, this record is better than So Close to Life.
HIGHLIGHTS: "Kodak Moment," "Freeze Frame Vision," "Weekday Escape," "Clarity"
Love this band / album.
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