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Megadeth -- Tel Aviv, Israel -- June 22nd, 2005

According to VixenEmpress from the Maiden board, who was at the show in Tel Aviv, 5 songs into 'Deth's set, a baracade broke. The band took a break to so the baracade to be replaced/fixed/whatever, and after it was, the band never came back on stage and the cops had everyone leave.

To quote what she said:

The barrier broke after only 5 Megadeth songs so they stopped the show to fix it. 15 minutes later, no Dave, no concert. everything was called off. the cops kicked everyone out.... ....After Dave came off stage, security came up and told everyone to back off and clear the barrier area so they could fix it. No one would nudge, for obvious reasons. all I can say is that I was standing at the front and I wasn't going to let anyone take that spot after what I've been through, neither would anyone else. The security guys got real pissed at us and told us if we won't back away they will cancel the show. After many efforts, everyone backed 3 meters away - enough space to fix the barrier. They started putting the barrier together but at the same time we all saw how they're packing the drums and guitars.
The short set was:

Blackmail The Universe
Set the World Afire
Skin O' My Teeth
Wake Up Dead
In My Darkest Hour

That really sucks for anyone who was at the gig.

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