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I could do without seeing so many covers considering the catalog Metallica has. But it does kind of make sense since 30 years ago their set was nothing but Diamond Head covers anyways. I'm also surprised that there was nothing else played off RTL except Ktulu. I figured between FWTBT, FTB and CD at least one of them would get played. No MOP is odd to considering even with the diehards that song is held in high esteem. On the plus side they didn't do NEM which is always a good thing.

This set is good but could certainly be better, so hopefully the next few nights will be. With them doing Carpe Diem maybe there's a chance something like Metal Melitia, Frayed Ends Of Sanity, Eye Of The Beholder, The House Jack Built or Fixxxer will get played.

Looking forward to see what they bust out for the other shows.
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