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Metallica -- San Francisco, CA -- December 5th, 2011

Let's move it all here. Source facebook and

The Call of Ktulu
No Remorse (Full song)
The Shortest Straw
Leper Messiah
The Day That Never Comes
Carpe Diem Baby (First time ever played live)
Hate Train (Unreleased song. First time ever played live)
Please Don't Judas Me (Nazareth cover) (Acoustic)
Wherever I May Roam (With a fan)
Sad But True (With John Marshall)
No Leaf Clover (with Apocalyptica)
One (with Apocalyptica)
Harvester of Sorrow (With Jason Newsted)
Damage Inc. (With Jason Newsted)
Motorcycle Man (Saxon cover) (With Biff Byford)
The Prince (Diamond Head cover) (With Sean Harris and Brian Tatler)
It's Electric (Diamond Head cover) (First time played live)
Helpless (Diamond Head cover) (With Sean Harris and Brian Tatler)
Am I Evil? (Diamond Head cover) (With Sean Harris and Brian Tatler)
Seek and Destroy (With Jason Newsted, John Marshall, Sean Harris, Brian Tatler, Biff Byford, Apocalyptica, and the Sou)
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