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Defenders of the faith -- London, England -- December 4th, 2011

Initially wasn't going to bother as I've seen Trivium about 8 times and In flames around 10 but thought why as was only 20 for the ticket and Brixton Academy is a great venue.

Also before the show I got to briefly meet Matt from Trivium, just said 'Have a great show' as he was with, what looked like, his girlfriend (although she didn;t look all that to me!) and briefly met Anders from In Flames straight after who was very friendly and seemed like a nice bloke.

Doors opened at 6:00 so just missed Insense, but heard they put on a great show.

Next were Rise to Remain, Got there album and thought it was ok - live they're ok, more marketed for the younger crowd. Guitarists done a lot of gay running around, spinning and shit - reminded me of a Fall out Boy video I had seen...Drummer was shit hot though.

Rise to remain set:

1.The Serpent
2.This Day Is Mine
3.City of Vultures
4.Power Through Fear
5.Nothing Left
6.Bridges Will Burn

Then was Ghost, heard a lot about them and saw a couple of live performances on Youtube and fuck me they are wierd. Meant to be satanic metal - they look the part, but don't really sound like satanice death metal. Have more of a rock sound. Were OK - had a fairly good stage presence but thought there music was nothing special - not fast, not heavy, slow vocals...

Ghost set:

1.Masked Ball
2.Con Clavi Con Dio
4.Prime Mover
5.Death Knell
6.Stand By Him

Then it was In flames, was looking forward to seeing them. They always put on a good show and like the new album. Bit disappointed thay didn't that many older songs. More recent stuff, but hey ho, were still great.

In Flames set:

1.Sounds of a Playground Fading
2.Deliver Us
3.All for Me
4.The Mirror's Truth
5.The Quiet Place
6.Fear is the Weakness
8.Where the Dead Ships Dwell
9.Cloud Connected
10.Take This Life

Then up next were trivium, again like the new album but was disappointed by the set. I kept looking on for what they would play but they kind of changed a couple of songs. Got to see/hear Departure live but they played NOTHING from ember to inferno and nothing from crusade. On previous dates they had played ignition/detonation and ember to inferno so felt a bit cheated lol, but nevermind was still a great performance.

1.In Waves
2.Drowned and Torn Asunder
3.A Gunshot to the Head of Trepidation
4.Dusk Dismantled
5.The Deceived
6.Built to Fall
7.Down From the Sky
9.Like Light to the Flies
11.Caustic Are the Ties That Bind
12.Dying in Your Arms
13.Pull Harder on the Strings of Your Martyr (with rise to remain on vocals)
14.Kirisute Gomen
15.Throes of Perdition

As you can see form the set they are still milking Asscendancy (which is probably there best album) but wiched they mixed it up a bit - would still like to hear more ember to inferno stuff.

Anyways, a average/good gig - glad i got to meet a couple of band members, but to be honest, im getting a bit bored of seeing them now.
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