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Obscura -- Orlando,FL -- December 4th, 2011

This concert got shifted from Firestone to a much smaller club, The Haven just days before the gig probably because the attendance was poor. There were three opening bands which was a bit weird and although I like supporting new acts, I had a lot of studying to do so I wished I'd gotten there two hours later which is when Enfold Darkness got on stage. Here are the setlists(songs may not be in order),

Enfold Darkness

In The Galleries Of Utmost Evil
Our Cursed Rapture
The Benefits Of Your Demise
The Sanctuaries

Enfold Darkness were really good live, much better than I expected them to be. The new vocalist was very energetic and his vocals were pretty much on the money.

Abysmal Dawn

Cease To Comprehend
Programmed To Consume
My Own Savior
Perpetual Dormancy
Levelling The Plane Of Existence
In Service Of Time
Servants To Their Knees

Abysmal Dawn, for me were the band of the night(for reasons explained later). Their sound was spot-on and they had the crowd going for most of their set too. Quite an enjoyable live act


Vortex Omnivium
The Anticosmic Overload
Ocean Gateways
Universe Momentum
Drum Solo
Centric Flow

Orbital Elements

Well first off, the club fucked up the sound on the vocals because Steffen's vocals weren't audible at all. Also, I don't know if it was the sound system or if they botched some parts of 'The Anticosmic Overload'. I talked to my friend after the gig and even if he was wondering the same thing because generally Obscura are so precise live. Nevertheless their set was great fun. All the songs sounded much faster and heavier live and Steffen is a great front man and constantly kept making references to how he was inspired by the 90s Florida death metal scene.

All things said, it was a pretty awesome evening of some good death metal.
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