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Also as promised, a bit more of a detailed review and some thoughts:

The show turnout was decent. I can't say it was better or worse than expected, because I didn't really have any idea what to expect. I'd say there were probably about 300 people there. Relatively small I guess, but for a band who is barely "on the radar" at all anymore to people who didn't know about them from back in the day, I guess they can't complain - and they didn't. I guess that's also because the crowd was very enthusiastic, myself included - I was on the rail in front of Joey Vera, by the way.

The band's performance was very good. Maybe not the absolutely tightest band out there, but considering they only ever do this little runs of dates anymore, I wasn't expecting the cohesiveness of a band who tours constantly. What may have been lost in the occasional missed notes and whatnot was MORE than made up for in the energy of the band - most notably Joey Vera and especially John Bush. John is truly one of metal's most underrated frontmen. All over the stage, commanded the crowd very well, and just really performed with conviction - it was a treat to see these guys, it really was. This show really re-affirmed why I go to as many of these types of shows as I can. 7-8 years of going to concerts has taught me to appreciate the small-scale shows where you get to see down-to-earth bands play the heart out to their die-hard fans and then come out and have drinks and meet with them after the show. There's just nothing that tops these sort of experiences to me. Anymore, I don't even really consider paying to see shows (save for some obvious exceptions) unless I can get this sort of experience. Why would I pump $100-a ticket into these overblown tours for bands who don't even need the money and miss out on these types of shows?
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