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Originally Posted by Maiden33 View Post
My own guitar solo was honestly recorded by me plugging my Line 6 Spider III head directly into the "line in" on my laptop. I obviously put a good bit of time into my sound in advance. The Line 6 is now my "back up" amp as I have an all-tube Blackstar HT Stage 100 now - but it's great for recording. Just gotta keep the amp volume and line-in level rather low so as not to get a lot of clipping. For the recording I honestly just used Audacity software, which is free online (though it's a bitch to find the one I have that won't give you an assload of latency problems). Aside from that, I just loaded up the demo he sent me and recorded over it, layering a few tracks where necessary. Then exported the raw solo tracks and emailed them to him.
Yeah, it worked out pretty well. I manually lined up your solo tracks to the song, but I think they sound mostly in phase with the rest of the song. In a perfect world I would've made it out to Pennsylvania to track your solo directly into Pro Tools, but either way, it's awesome you contributed. I think the song really deserved an epic solo, and you delivered!
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