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Originally Posted by Dextrimental View Post
The song in general, specifically all the guitar parts, the tone is dam good!
Most of the song was recorded in California, and some of it was recorded at my place in Ohio. In June my friend from California came to visit. He wrote new vocal melodies for the beginning of the song and we recorded it to that point on my Pro Tools setup, and then went to California. We tracked the vocals at his place, where he also runs Pro Tools, but on a much more elaborate setup than mine.

There's two main guitar parts on this song and those are both from a Mexican Fender Strat that belongs to my buddy. It's a pretty tweaked guitar, with replaced pickups, though I don't remember what kind. The tone is actually from Line 6 Pod Farm 2 - not the actual box - but the Pro Tools plugin version. It's a tone I've spent a fair amount of time tweaking, so glad to hear the tone is liked Those tracks were recorded in California.

There's two other guitar tracks (various leads), and they're from my Fender Deluxe Power Stratocaster (what a terrible guitar name imo ) running through the same plugin. I recorded those back here in Ohio. The bass was recorded on a Schecter bass running into an AmpexSVX plugin. That tone was created by my buddy. The drum part was also created by him and recorded through MIDI, so the drums sounds are actually EastWest's Ministry of Rock, specifically the Black kit. The orchestrations are from their Symphonic Orchestras sample package as well and I composed them (via MIDI) after the rest of the song was done.

In general I did most of the other mixing and production - all in Pro Tools. I used backwards reverb to help transition to the chorus (we ran out of time to write a proper transition.) And I also recorded myself speaking for the spoken word verse (which wasn't supposed to be spoken, but we ran out of time to track vocals on it in California.) The piano at the end is a Steinway D concert grand, and I'm pretty happy with how it sounds.

I really wish we would've had more time in California to record the song. When I was there we wrote the chorus one night, and recorded it and the rest of the song the next.
2/24 - The Foundry

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