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Part 2: 50-40, Making up for not doing this part last night:

*Once again I must repeat, this is not running order of albums 55-21, just the order of iTunes on Random

50.) Animals As Leaders- Weightless

Animals As Leaders debut, self titled album is flawless. Weightless is perfection. When I first heard this album it still perfectly describes it. It's as if Tosin joined Cloudkicker. This isn't the in your face shredder album with short interludes that the self titled album was. This is much more beautiful, Melodic and overall better songwriting. And I'm saying that as a huge fan of the debut. When Djent inevitable dies out. AAL will keep going because they know how to change for the better and not sound like every other band that attempts to copy them. This album again is perfection.

49.) Thomas Giles- Pulse

One of the most unexpected albums on the list. As a huge Between The Buried And Me fan, this album is almost the antithesis of every BTBAM album. Electronic, Progressive Rock, Pop, it's very singer/songwriter, but it is a killer album. Sleep Shake is one of the best songs Thomas Giles has ever written in any project he's been a part of. For anyone who doesn't dig BTBAM, or for Metal fans that needs something heavy but different, Pulse is the album for you.

48.) UneXpect- Fables Of The Sleepless Empire

UnXpect got their biggest credibility for being a supporting band in the Euro version of Progressive Nation 2009 with Dream Theater, Opeth and Bigelf. The best way to describe UneXpect is basically taking a female Mike Patton, and creating Prog Metal. Fables is their most....commercial album. If you listen to their previous work, you'll understand what I mean by that. This album is still fucked up as all hell. But it's very accessible, poppy and catchy, all while still being the UneXpect that people have come to know and love. There isn't too much Female Fronted Metal I listen to, but these guys are spectacular.

47.) dredg- Chuckles and Mr. Squeezy

About 98% of all dredg fans hate this album, or after time realized it's an ok album. When I first heard dredg was going to make this kind of album filled with Dark Pop songs. I was scared shitless. but once I listened to it with an open mind. It became one of my favorite non-metal albums of the year. Don't expect the Prog greatness of their past 3 albums on this. It's a short, sweet Pop Rock album. That's all I expected from these guys. They know what they doing. Their greatness of killer Prog rock will be back on the next album I can feel it.

46.) Last Chance To Reason- Level 2

Last Chance To reason is one of my favorite discoveries of the year. Their first album Level 1, is a more Deathcore style album that, while I do dig, didn't really capture my interest. Then they released Level 2 this year. A Progressive Death Metal masterpiece. Combining the best of Cynic, Between The Buried and Me, Dream Theater, video games, and Classic Prog all in one album.having seen these guys twice in a 3 week span, made me even more of a fan. Hanging out with the guys after both shows made me a lifetime supporter. From what I understand, Level 3 is going to be even better. I can't wait to hear it. I will also be interviewing these guys sometime early next year. If you haven't yet, and want to hear some Killer Progressive FUCKING Metal, check out Last Chance To Reason!

45.) Machine Head- Unto The Locusts

It's amazing how Machine Head can put out 2 killer albums, then 2 fantastically shitty albums, then 3 perfect albums in a row. Unto The Locusts is what happens when you make a shorter, less drawn out version of The Blackening. It was the right move. Killer Groove Metal mixed with some catchy tunes and even a Rush cover (Witch Hunt). Besides having Roadrunner pick out their opening bands for their headlining tours, these guys are doing no wrong. This album is just a killer metal album.

44.) Long Distance Calling- Long Distance Calling

To be completely honest, I'm still bummed about this album. 2009's Avoid The Light is the perfect Progressive Post Metal album. the S/T album is more of a Instrumental Metal album. But that said, it's still better then almost all other bands that like to experiment. The songs are still memorable and very cool to listen to. and features Armored Saint's John Bush on the only song with vocals, Middleville. If you need a kickass instrumental Metal album that's not Djenty in any sense of the onomatopoeia. Check this out...then immediately pick up the album, Avoid The Light.

43.) World Under Blood- Tactical

I have been waiting since 2006 for this album to FINALLY be released. and it didn't disappoint at all. This is MELODIC Death Metal in every sense of the term. CKY's Derron Miller can do no wrong in any project he does. This is a killer album of some of the best Death Metal on the planet. While it is very, VERY, Melodic, that's what makes it so perfect. Also their covers of Megadeth and Malevolent Creation is just badass. I really hope the next album won't take another 6 years to make.

42.) Vektor- Outer Isolation

One of the best Progressive Thrash bands around, right along side Revocation. While I'm still new to the band (having only discovered them back in January with 2009's Black Future) I dare say Outer Isolation destroys it. It's thrashy, it's proggy, the vocals are very Death, early Slayer (The high pitch screams) inspired. the music is the great combination of influences that other bands should take notice of so they can become better bands. These guys are going to be getting bigger and better. Check them out now, while they are still the band in your back pocket.

41.) Amon Amarth- Sutur Rising

The AC/DC of Viking Metal have returned. Yews you won't hear anything that you haven't heard on their previous albums, but does that really matter? It's Heavy, It's Brutal, It's Melodic, It's Epic. That's all I want from Amon Amarth. Their cover of System Of A Down's Aerials is also a welcomed touch (The first Amon Amarth song with real clean vocals) I gotta give them credits, this band proves that sticking to your first roots, isn't always a bad thing. It's a kickass album.

40.) Wormrot- Dirge

I don't listen to much Grindcore, but when I better knock the shit out of me. That's what Wormrot does. Arguably one of the greatest Grindcore albums ever written. and very, very short (17 minutes, it's not an EP, it's an album). And for me it's the perfect length. I can only go about 20-25 minutes of hearing Grindcore before I gotta switch it to something else, so this works perfectly. If you are new to Grindcore, but don't want to check out the classic Grindcore albums just yet. Check out Dirge from Wormrot. The only way you could ever be disappointed is if you hated the genre to begin with.

*Coming up soon 39-30*
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