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Originally Posted by TheGrandWazoo40 View Post
Man.. The reason why I used the Grammys totally flew over your heads...
No it didn't. Skrillex being nominated for a Grammy has absolutely nothing to do with greatness. Jethro Tull winning a Grammy doesn't either. How many people think "Crest of a Knave" is the best metal album released in 1987? (or 1989? What?) Just because some asshole gets up on a soapbox and says "this album is great, the best!" doesn't mean anything... it's just some asshole on a soapbox spewing bullshit.

At any rate, excellent trolling, dude. The point about the Cliff Burton Band was a good one and I almost bit, but I'm getting too old for this shit. Question though, do you ever go to bed? lol
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