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*Shhhhhhhhh it's a trade secret*

hahah actually I'm not even really sure how I got it. It all feels like pure luck to me.

Long story made as short as I can.

On my facebook for years I've been posting reviews and talking music, just like I have here, except even before I joined. Back in July, the owner of the radio station I now worked at offered me a weekly show playing 10 songs, roughly an hour (sometimes longer, sometimes shorter) of my choosing that I consider the best in Rock and Metal.

Before that time, I've been promoting the Root Of All Evil which is going into it's 26th year next year on Facebook, and talking with people a part of the show.

During a couple Metal shows at Station 4 in the last couple months, the host of the show met up with me, we talked metal, the local music scene, etc. and then offered me an opportunity to do a show on The Root Of All Evil sometime Because they play everything metal....EVERYTHING. Like tonight and next week they are doing 2 full shows dedicated to Metal covers. Last week was all 60s-80s Metal on Vinyl. Its a killer show.

My show will be basically a tribute to what I do on my show, playing the diversity of the Metal I play on my show. If this becomes a regular gig (I really hope so) I'll be able to make more out of it.
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