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Originally Posted by TheGrandWazoo40 View Post

The whole calling everything electronic Dubstep thing around here is really gonna get on my nerves.... lol
Oooooh our first disagreement.

Trust me man, as a guy who works at a radio station with the head guy, who constantly gives me shit for not liking all the different styles of Electronic music. I know the difference between Electronic Music, Dubstep, Drum and Bass, Chill, Electronica, remix, and all the different jive.

But there is dubstep in the new Morbid Angel album.

Originally Posted by Seventhzealot View Post
Same. Cosmogenesis was the first album I listened to from them and maybe that raised the bar of expectations too high for me. Nevertheless this is a very good album.

Don't you think the bass was more prominent in Cosmogenesis than Omnivium though? It'll be interesting to see how their next album goes with Linus on bass after the departure of JPT.
Having only seen Linus with Obscura, In a live setting Linus is one of the loudest guys on stage. with good reason. Cosmogenesis was definitely more of a bass driven album. Omnivium was more of a band focused album. I think that might be why i dig it more.

Originally Posted by treghet View Post
I thought "Shovel Knockout" was a good song, but the rest of the album blows. I wasn't expecting much though, as Alexi has said many times that he doesn't really care about the old stuff and will never write anything like it again.

It's like I said in the review, it sounds like he wrote it so he can be shitfaced on stage and still play right. I'll still keep checking COB out, but I have no hopes left in the band. Maybe Alexi will get his head out of his ass and realize the music comes first on the next album?
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