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Originally Posted by MPF View Post

55.) Obscura- Omnivium

What can you say about Obscura what Obscura can't do on their own? They are one of the best Progressive Death Metal bands going right now. The perfect combination of Death, Morbid Angel, Opeth, and Dream Theater *Probably in that order for influences* Omnivium is their best album to date. All the Prog Death Metal on this album makes me jump for joy. And it doesn't get boring as many of these style albums seem to do from time to time. Seeing these guys live twice yer also helped a lot (once headlining, once opening for Children of Bodom) Such killer music. I'm hoping by the time of their next album that they will be at the top of the Prog Death Metal gambit. They deserve it.
I loved this album but I still like 'Cosmogenesis' more though I have to say this is far more technical. It's going to be ranked pretty high in my list I'd think.
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