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Part 2: The Top 50 of 2011, Exhibit A: 55-21

I'll be doing 55-21 in small segments, about maybe 5 at a time. I'm doing this iTunes Shuffle Roulette style.

If you didn't follow my Year In Review Threads from the last 2 years. What I do is I put albums in a iTunes Playlist, click random, then hit play. Then start reviewing every album that is played. These are those 35 albums that would make up the latter part of my Top 55 list, just in Random order. I'm going to place them in countdown style, but only because it makes it look better, not because this is the order of how I like them. That's what the Top 20 is for.

I repeat this is not the running order of albums 55 through 21. Just what is in Random order from iTunes. Just putting it in countdown order to look more professional.

Lets begin Countdown Style. It's time to get sexy:

55.) Obscura- Omnivium

What can you say about Obscura what Obscura can't do on their own? They are one of the best Progressive Death Metal bands going right now. The perfect combination of Death, Morbid Angel, Opeth, and Dream Theater *Probably in that order for influences* Omnivium is their best album to date. All the Prog Death Metal on this album makes me jump for joy. And it doesn't get boring as many of these style albums seem to do from time to time. Seeing these guys live twice yer also helped a lot (once headlining, once opening for Children of Bodom) Such killer music. I'm hoping by the time of their next album that they will be at the top of the Prog Death Metal gambit. They deserve it.

54.) ICS Vortex- Storm Seeker

The greatest singer in Black Metal....that doesn't sing in the style of Black Metal. His clean vocals are unstoppable in Black Metal, and proving on his solo album, Storm Rider, he is proggy as all hell, with a very Devin Townsend sense of humor to him. This very epic sounding album combines the best of what ICS Vortex is known for. I honestly wouldn't mind if he quit Black Metal all together and just made these style albums. Its so damn good.

53.) Evergrey- Glorious Collision

Evergrey is back in top form after 2 albums that, while still were Evergrey, just didn't fit right with me. They are still progressing their sound instead of keeping the traditional Inner Circle, In Search Of Truth, Recreation Day style. Its more modern sounding in the Swedish Progressive Power Metal style, but it's still very much Evergrey. The Phantom Letters is probably one of the top 5 songs ever written by the band. Overall, it's just a killer album. I hope Evergrey keeps being this strong.

52.) Alestorm- Back Through Time

The song Scrapping The Barrel, basically says everything about this album and band altogether. Everyone thinks Running Wild did this already and better back in '84. SCREW THAT! I love Running Wild, but Alestorm kicks just as much ass, if not more. Back Through Time is their most diverse album running all over they can in the world of Power/Pirate Metal, even Black Metal in the song Death Throes of The Terrorsquid. Their playing and songwriting and lyrics are getting better with each album. It is a gimmick? Of course it is! But who really cares as long as the music behind it is worth checking out and enjoying? Back Through Time is the best example of this.

51.) Battle Circus- Battle Circus

The band that Muse could have been if they kept getting better with Absolution, instead of just sucking. Battle Circus sadly broke up this year, not long after releasing this, their 2nd album, after just moving to the States. Bad timing eh? Battle Circus is a great Progressive Rock band that takes all of what Muse was known for being cool for, adding some double bass from time to time, better musicianship and going even more abstract. It is a phenomenal album from start to finish. This will not be a known album sadly, especially they never even had a chance to tour for it in any capacity. But this will be one of my favorite underground albums of 2011.

*Coming up later tonight....50-46*
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