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Armored Saint -- Allentown, PA -- December 2nd, 2011

Sadly I don't really have time to get into a detailed review now. This show came at the beginning of a very hectic and busy weekend. So for now I'll just leave the setlist, a couple pictures, and just say that this show was OUTSTANDING. This was one of the most fun, high-energy shows I've ever been to. Absolutely awesome, I'm so glad I went.

Seven Witches setlist:
01 Science
02 The Answer
03 Mental Messiah
04 Call Upon the Wicked
05 Apocalyptic Dreams
06 Deadly Sins
07 Dishonor Killings
08 Fields of Fire
09 Metal Tyrant / Heaven and Hell

Armored Saint Setlist:
01 Loose Cannon
02 March of the Saint
03 Nervous Man
04 Head On
05 Long Before I Die
06 After Me, the Flood
07 Last Train Home
08 La Raza
09 Raising Fear
10 Left Hook from Right Field
11 Reign of Fire
12 Chemical Euphoria
13 Over the Edge
14 Can U Deliver
15 Mad House

Long Before I Die, Raising fear, and Over the Edge were selected in what was hands-down the coolest thing I've ever seen a band do. At 3 separate parts of the show, they picked one fan out of the audience to come onstage, pick the next song out of a list of like 11 songs (also included: Book of Blood, Dropping Like Flies, Tainted Past, Aftermath, Human Vulture + 2 or 3 more) and then spend the duration of the song onstage rocking out with the band. This was SO fucking cool of them to do.

Highlights of the show for me were Head On, Last Train Home, La Raza (which featured the band's drum tech on a various assortment of percussion), Reign of Fire, and Mad House.

I'll get to posting show pictures eventually (tomorrow night, probably) - but for now you'll have to live with these two, which sadly I had to take with my cell phone:
With Joey Vera:

With John Bush:
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