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MPF's Good, Bad, Ugly, & Sexy Look At 2011

Ok maybe not so much sexy as all the women that are here are taken or left.

I'm doing this differently then my last 2 years of playing Itunes Shuffle Roulette. I have over 20 GB of 2011 music, so reviewing all the albums...FUCK THAT! If I didn't have my radio show, I proably would have the time. but as long as I stay somewhat good at what I do. I won't have to worry about that.

I'm going to start this off with my 7 most disappointing albums of 2011. When I say Disappointing, I don't mean an album that anyone would have guessed would suck like Lulu or Dedicated To Chaos. These actually required listening knowledge to know it was going to suck. These 7 are not in any particular order, except for what order they first popped in my head:

As for disappointing albums, and by that I mean albums that I was hoping would be good and turned to shit, not ones that I knew were already going to be bad (Lulu, Dedicated To Chaos for example)


1.) The Haunted: Unseen

One of the finest Swedish Metal bands turned into a Nickelback/Five Finger Donkey Punch tribute band. So sad, so pathetic. There is ONE good song on the album, The City. The rest are just monkey balls. What happened to these guys? They call this experimental. I call it failed attempt at selling out.

2.) Morbid Angel: Illud Divinum Insanus

There were a couple great songs on this, but the rest....what the fuck? I don't wanna hear Dubstep and Industrial music in my classic Death Metal. And that that its not even good Industrial and well dubstep sucks in general. There of course is some killer tracks on here. Nevermore is a brutal song that just kicks ass. But half of the album is just a giant WHAT THE FUCK???

3.) Children Of Bodom- Relentless Reckless Forever

Another band that has been going downhill for a very long time. I played this album once before I never touched it again. I even left during their their headlining set in be fair I was hanging out with Devin Townsend during their set. but my point still stands. My guitarist said it best. 'The new COB is an album so that Alexi and Co. can be drunk on stage and still play." I couldn't agree more.

4.) Protest The Hero- Scurrilous

I think I just grew out of these guys. When Kezia came out I was jizzing all over the place about these guys. Since then, It's been really "Meh". Hell I even went to see them Wednesday night (And again to be fair I was really there to see Scale The Summit and Last Chance To Reason* but live, everyone else was going apeshit for them. I was left unimpressed. It just seems like more of the same,, more poppy and less interesting.

5.) Altar Of Plagues- Mammal

*I know this is one I'll get shit for*

Altar Of Plagues is one of the best Post/Black metal bands in existence. so why is this in this category? Because Mammal really doesn't go anywhere. There's no real dynamics or movements, it all just seems to be one boring song spread over 4 tracks. Yes there is a couple moments that are cool, and if this was another EP, it would be phenomenal, but they made this WAAAAAY too long, and it's just simply...boring.

6.) Explosions In The Sky- Take Care, Take Care, Take Care

*Read Number 5, and replace Altar Of Plagues with Explosions In The Sky and remove Black Metal segment*

7.) This Will Destroy You- Tunnel Blanket

*Read Number 6*

All other albums I have checked out, I either listened to it once and never listened again because it sucked, heard it once because I was forced to because of the radio show then never again, or I actually liked and loved.

More coming soon, probably sometime today.
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