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Corey Taylor -- Toronto, Ontario -- December 2nd, 2011

If you came here for just a set list you will have to wait a minute. This wasn't just a concert, it was an evening with Corey Taylor damn it! And you WILL get all the details:

Corey Taylor appeared on stage and explained what the evening would be like. There would be a spoken word session and book reading, followed by a Q and A, followed by some songs.

Taylor went on with some guidelines for the night. He had three rules: No nudity ("It's just better for all of us"), no dancing (because he only has two dance moves), and no lies. For the Q and A he explained the difference between a question and a request. He would explain the meaning behind a song but he would not sign your baby, because if he signs your baby he gets to keep it.

For the book reading he introduced his book Seven Deadly Sins and explained that it should have never become a New York Times Best Seller. It also made the best seller list in the Christian community which to Corey means they're either buying tons of copies to burn them or he's warping the minds of young Christians. He doesn't care, he'll have it either way. He read an excerpt, the part where he lists his new seven deadly sins: murder (the worst sin), child abuse (the second worst), rape, torture, lying, theft, and bad music. Something he said that stuck with me is that theft has been around since forever, but that now it's for profit instead of survival.

After explaining the deadly sins he proceeded to the Q and A:

Are you anti-religion?

He's anti organized religion and not really a faithful person. He puts his faith in people and things he can see.

Future goals?

-Film company which he's actually working on with Clown.
-Act, but not as a main guy, more like a background kind of guy who comes out of nowhere and says "Hey" or a dead guy in CSI.
-Collaborations (he really wants to work with Dave Grohl and Grohl knows this but is "terrified")
-Produce, help new bands get off the ground.

Favorite novels?

-The Dresden Files
-stuff by Hunter S. Thompson

Motivation throughout his career?
-His motivation is the big "fuck you" to people who said he would never make it

Fred Durst feud?
-He said that story is old and that he actually met up with Durst recently and Durst's kids took pictures with Taylor because they are huge Slipknot fans

Canadian tour with Slipknot? (I was surprised this one took so long to be asked)
-There will be Canadian dates on the upcoming tour

Message to young musicians?
-Learn your trade, there are too many "myspace musicians" who suck live

As the previous question was being asked, a heckler in the front row who had been yelling out all night finally got on the nerves of Taylor, who asked for security and cursed the guy out: "You're bothering my friends, shut the fuck up" yadda yadda yadda

-He joked that he barely knows one language fluently but knows phrases of many different languages. He can introduce songs in French and tell people to show their middle fingers in Japanese and tried to teach the crowd how to say it.

View on the "occupy" movement
-He didn't care for it at first but when the news bashed them he started to support them fully

Most meaningful tattoo?
-His Paul Gray tattoo

Meaning of 30/30 150
-They were his measurements in high school

Security FINALLY got to the heckler. The heckler knocked down a table on his way out. Taylor had the crowd sing "na na na na, hey hey hey good bye" to him. Taylor then asked if everyone at the table was all right. They said they were fine but that their beers weren't so Corey ordered five free beers for them.

Opinions on writing when stoned? (weird question, Taylor thought so too)

-Taylor can't write for shit when stoned (can't write for shit even when not stoned, OH SNAP! there you go haters, I filled in the joke for you)

Piss break, came back, played an acoustic set:

Dying [Stone Sour]
Bother [Stone Sour]
Hesitate [Stone Sour]
Zzyzx Rd. [Stone Sour]
Through Glass [Stone Sour]
Spit It Out [Slipknot]
Snuff [Slipknot] [Dedicated to Paul Gray]
Something I Can Never Have [Nine Inch Nails]
Burning Love [Elvis Presley] [With Jason Parisi]
Down In A Hole [Alice in Chains] [With Jason Parisi]
With Or Without You [U2] [With Jason Parisi]
You Got Lucky [Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers] [With Jason Parisi]
Comfortably Numb [Pink Floyd] [With Jason Parisi]
Outsider [Ramones] [With Jason Parisi]

Very fun and intimate event. The crowd adored Taylor. Taylor was in a super good mood and joked around a lot. The whole spoken word, Q and A session was very fun and interesting. For the concert, the crowd was into all the songs, singing along with almost all of them.
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