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Cross Examination

Dates seen: March 26th, 2011, June 28th, 2011

The show that Cross Examination headlined was one that will go down forever in the Chicago thrash scene. My friend who promotes/books shows managed to get these guys to headline a show called "Klash of the Thrash" which also had 5 other local thrash/crossover bands playing. That was more than a show, that was a real fucking party. Every frat party I had ever been to in college can suck a monster one, because this is what parties should be like. People going crazy, drinking excessively, and all around having an awesome time. Unfortunately, I couldn't drink because I had drove there since I had no other way, but I made sure to take care of that issue when Nocturnal and Witchaven came through 2 months later. But Cross Examination was a great choice for a headliner. They played very fast and had the crowd going nuts for them. I also saw them again open up for Sacred Reich in June where they also had the place going nuts. They also did a sick cover of S.O.D.'s Kill Yourself! Chicago has been trying to get these guys back again very desperately because they are the perfect party band.
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