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Originally Posted by larvtard View Post
And I'd love to see Cannabis Corpse; they're better than most death metal bands today yet they're a "joke" band.
The whole joke band label is fuckin stupid. I think Tenacious D and Green Jelly probably deserve the label but just cause a band has humorous lyrics they shouldn't be dismissed as nothing but a joke and have their music be ignored. In my opinion Cannabis Corpse, Gwar, Ghoul, and Dethklok all make awesome music but some assholes think less of them just cause they have a gimmick and a sense of humor. I also don't get why many bands get dismissed for being humorous but people take Devin Townsend seriously when he makes whole concept albums about an alien terrorizing earth in search of black coffee and a man who turns away a cheeseburger that contains the secrets of the universe because he's a vegetarian.
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