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Roo is not even close to a Jam festival anymore dude, Eminem doesn't headline Jam festivals. lol And no, it's not a cool festi to go get stoned at because:

A: Security can be dicks, varies from person to person (other fests don't care)

B: Police in Tn treat Cannabis like it's Meth so if you bring any in or out you have a high chance of getting fucked cause they will search if they want it bad enough, trust me, first hand experience. If I wasn't sneaky I would probably be in jail.

C: Didn't meet one person with good buds, also they were selling at crazy prices. But if you like getting custied for shitty weed, bunk doses, and "molly" with tons of chemicals excluding MDMA, Roo is the fest for you if your looking for a place to get funked up.
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