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Cannabis Corpse

Date seen: October 29th, 2011

When I heard that these guys were gonna be touring with The Black Dahlia Murder, I was seriously hoping that they would hit up the coffee house in the town where I go to school (basically bumfuck nowhere) again, since TBDM has been there for the past 2 Octobers. Unfortunately they weren't going anywhere near there or Illinois in general, but Cannabis Corpse did have a one off headlining show in Chicago! These guys are extremely talented musicians, you'd really think they were a gimmick at first by the name and song titles, but hell no! These guys play fucking quality death metal and have an awesome live show! The way they did play live reminded me of Cannibal Corpse in some ways, such as the singer announcing every song title before they played, but not headbanging like a maniac throughout the whole time! But they still kill live and to see a headlining set from them was amazing.
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