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Date seen: June 21st, 2011

I had wanted to see Revocation last year with Misery Index... but with Despised Icon as the headliner and the date of the show being inconvenient from what I remember, I couldn't make it. Luckily this year they had came back supporting Forbidden. I had seen Forbidden last year and they put on a great show, but the main reason I went was for Revocation. I'm going to be honest, they were definitely the best band of the night. They even upstaged Forbidden! These guys are fucking monsters at their instruments. Hell, I'd even say that over half the people at the show were there for Revocation! They only played 6 songs, 2 from each of their 3 albums they have out now (this was before Chaos of Forms was released as well) but those were some damn good 6 songs. They've gotten REALLY big recently so hopefully they'll be going through on a headlining run, or supporting better bands (lol Children of Bodom and Eluveitie... no thanks!)
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