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Skeletonwitch - Forever Abomination
Prosthetic Records

01. This Horrifying Force (the Desire To Kill)
02. Reduced To The Failure Of Prayer
03. Of Ash And Torment
04. Choke Beyond Betrayal
05. Erased And Forgotten
06. The Infernal Resurrection
07. Rejoice In Misery
08. Cleaver Of Souls
09. Shredding Sacred Flesh
10. Sink Beneath Insanity
11. My Skin Of Deceit

Skeletonwitch, in my opinion, are one of the most overrated modern metal bands to come out of the States in recent times. Along with Warbringer, Revocation, and to a lesser extent Vektor, they're heralded as one of the new and improved thrash metal bands to break onto the scene. But enough of that. While about a third of Beyond the Permafrost kicked ass, Skeletonwitch have somewhat straightened up on this record. The album is more or less great (even though the vocals irk me a bit) and even though the two opening tracks (most popular ones) are a bit lackluster, the album through and through is consistent. From "Of Ash and Torment" on, the album shines, peaking with "The Infernal Resurrection", a great, fast, thrashing track, my favorite from the record.

The Infernal Resurrection
9/24 Beirut
10/18 Opeth
10/19 The Tallest Man on Earth
11/5 Titus Andronicus
11/22 The Vaccines
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