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Originally Posted by Davemeistro View Post
Yessir. I got there near the end of windowvine and left right after Scale the Summits set. I'm so happy they played glacial planet and sargasso sea, they were awesome live.
If it wasn't for hanging out with Last Chance To Reason and Scale the Summit after the show, I would have done the same. Not because of Protest, but because of the snow.

Scale The Summit killed it last night, they really did. Hearing two songs off Carving Desert Canyons and the best of The Collective was perfect. That's why I was so happy to hear they are headining soon.

I mentioned it in the What Are You Doing Thread. but I just got word from Evan and Mike from last Chance To Reason, They wanna do an interview for my radio show. SCOOOOOOOOORE!

Once I hear back from him, Chris from Scale The Summit might be on board to do one in February.
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