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Date seen: October 31st, 2011

Ghoul are another one of those bands that I've been waiting to see forever now. I do believe that this was their first time in Chicago so I'm glad I got to see them then, who knows when they will come back! They were the first band on the GWAR tour, so naturally their set wasn't very long. But for what it was, it was all I expected it to be: AWESOME. They played fast, heavy and all around intense. A big part of why they were awesome live was when they played Graveyard Mosh/Ghoul. That is one of my favorite Ghoul songs ever, and to actually hear something from their incredible first album is a gift. I also overheard a lot of people saying that that song was their favorite from them as well, which I was happy to hear. I'm very much looking forward to seeing them again at MDF next year, hopefully with a longer set or more songs from the first 2 albums.
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