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Date seen: May 21st, 2011

Now this band was a fun one to see! I'm sure I've mentioned this show on here many times, but Witchaven and Nocturnal played in a DIY room/shack behind a Mexican restaurant in Chicago near the end of May. This show to this day is still legendary and always will be. It was hot as hell inside the place and even under those conditions Witchaven still pulled out a hell of a set and show. I know they love DIY venues and shows so you can tell they were having a fun time as well. Sucks I had to miss them at MDF since they were the very first band of the first day since they would be awesome to see in an actual venue, but I'm very happy with seeing them when I did. I actually did meet one of the guys from the band at MDF (complimented me on my Testament shirt ) and he told me that he even loved that show. They're supposed to be touring again with Exmortus, so hopefully that means another show like the one mentioned here.
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