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Protest The Hero -- St. Paul, MN -- November 30th, 2011

I haven't done a review in over 2 and a half weeks, after going so long in a dry spell of now shows I feel like my dry spell is gone again

Tonight was a killer night a little disappoint in some ways, fucking awesome in others.

I'm just going to get this out of the way, I don't have the full Protest setlist. A huge tittied girl next to me got the setlist and told me to fuck off if I could take a picture of it. Normally I'm the one who gets the setlist, but Nerdy Drummer, Radio Guy <<< Big Titty girl everytime

Anyways on to the review.

I got there and 10 minutes later the doors open, considering it was 30 degrees outside and cloudy and windy, this was very welcomed. More on that later.

The first band up was a band called Windowvine. They were an ok band, they didn't fit the bill anymore. They had a lot of energy to them and the crowd like them. But they sound like Incubus got a guy who loved Fall Out Boy. Just not for me.

After that was one of the coolest bands to appear in the last few years, Last Chance To Reason. They played another killer fucking set that got everyone going. During sound Check they were playing 1980's Top 40 songs to fuck with the crowd, it was hilarious. Their set was:

Upload Complete
Coded To Fail
Temp Files

Some great stories about them later...

After LCTR was the other reason why I went tonight, Scale the Summit. STS were on fire tonight and the crowd was surprisingly into them a lot. The best news of the night, they announced on stage *SPOILER NUMBER 1" Scale The Summit will be doing a Full North American Headlining tour starting in February. and they will be playing in either Minneapolis or St. Paul February 8th.

Their set is as follows:

Balkan (The last riff of the song, used as an intro, very cool idea)
Glacial Planet
Origin Of Species (With extended ending Solos)
The Levitated
Black Hills
Sargasso Sea

Then came Protest The Hero, and I gotta admit....I'm really disappointed. I think I just grew out of Protest The Hero. They played just fine (Although Moe, their drummer, looked like he wasn't into it at all) I just couldn't get into it. 5 years ago I would have been jizzing my pants over seeing Protest (just like everyone in the crowd did). Rody is a hilarious guy though, kinda like the Mikael Akerfeldt of onstage banter for Punky Progressive Metal. But again, it just didn't do much for me.

Again, I don't have the full set so I will be missing some songs, or getting songs wrong, or in the wrong order for the hilarious reason I gave above. But this is very damn close. And I know for a fact this is what they started and ended with:

Hair Trigger
Bone Marrow
No Stars Over Bethlehem
Sex Tapes
Sequoia Throne
Turn Soonest to the Sea
Goddess Gagged
C'est la Vie

After the show, my lower back was fucking killing me. all the scene kids, Hipsets, and asshole moshers took a toll on my back, but I still kept going, had that run in with Tits Magee. and went over to The Last Chance For Reason table. Before I could even say a word, Evan Simmons, their drummer, recognized me, shook my hand, and thanked me for coming out again. I'm glad to support these guys in anyway I can. We talked for a good half hour altogether about video games, their video game, drums, Prog, music and *SPOILER NUMBER 2* Their upcoming tour opening for The Faceless, Dying Fetus, Job For A Cowboy, and Volumes. Then Singer, Mike Lessard joined in our conversation and it was just an overall great experience. Also for hanging out with them, they offered me a T-shirt for 6 bucks on my choosing, (I'll post pics of it later). I am so grateful. Last Chance To Reason is one of the coolest bands touring right now. Go see them and support them!

When they had to get packing up, I went over to see Christ Letchford of Scale The Summit. HE was waiting for me, which was pretty damn cool. I talked to him all about the touring this year and music and all that cool stuff (They are writing their 3rd album now, in the beginning stages anyways, 2 songs complete) and I told him that I was sorry for not being able to make it to the Summer Slaughter Survivors tour, and he said "Don't worry about it, we and the other bands got 20 minutes on stage. You didn't miss much."

We then started talking about the headlining tour, and that it will be hitting Minneapolis or St. Paul February 8th (not sure on the venue yet, I'm hoping Station 4) and their plan is to get the band, Monuments, as opener, and they will have 2 local bands at each stop. so 4 bands total. And once this tour is done, they are setting up a poll on their website and Facebook for people to vote for their favorite songs and what they want to hear live. As Chris said, the band was fighting over what songs they wanted to play so they said "Fuck it, let the fans decide." and they will pick out the songs that are top voted that equal out to a 70-80 minute set with encore.

After that was all done, he said that he is going to record a station ID for me on their way to Colorado Springs in 2 days, possibly the other guys as well. And I'm trying to talk him into doing an interview for my show for their headlining tour. I hope that works out.

So there you go, that's my night.
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