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Originally Posted by jhdeity View Post
Here it is... My #1 favorite headbanging song from the Best show I ever attended.

My goal was to finish this list at the end of November before everyone started their Year End lists and I got 1 out of 2 right. hahahahaha Seriously though I'm glad to see so many lists and enjoy checking them all out. The more lists, the merrier! Props for everyone for starting so early this year. I usually don't let other peoples lists influence me very much but 2011 will be that exception. I did a Top 20 in March or April I think and I'm not sure if any of those picks would still be up there. There was so much good music released in 2011 yet nothing that totally blew my mind either. I predict this year will be our most diverse lists to date.

On to #1 on my list. There have been many Metallica debates on here throughout the years. Most commonly is which Metallica album is the best. From memory and recent lists it seems Ride The Lightning is the choice and I totally see why. The album is borderline perfection even though I made a decent argument for Master of Puppets on the Damage Inc post I think.

That being said my favorite Metallica album is Kill Em All. If I were to do a Top 100 albums I'd guess it would be #3 for me All-Time. When you factor in the newer cd versions with Am I Evil and Blitzkreig it takes it up a solid notch. I just love the speed, riffs, solos and lyrics of every song on that album.

I reviewed this entire show on the site back in 2009. The highlight of the show was Metal Militia with the Metal up your Ass sing-a-long. My entire life I've hated sing-a-longs like they do with Searching.... and when bands do the whole which side can scream louder. That shit is so cliche' but that sing-a-long that night was EPIC! Plus they gave us the history of wanting to name the album Metal Up Your Ass but the record company wouldn't let them. That made them even cooler to me and gave the sing-a-long meaning. Nothing cooler than saying Fuck You to record companies!

Here's a link to my concert review of the best show I've ever attended including my #1 favorite headbanging song of All Time. Thanks for checking it out and playing along.

#1 - Metallica - Metal Militia

Metal Militia Live Baltimore 1985 with the Metal Up Your Ass sing-a-long!!

Metal Militia Live - Metal Up Your Ass a good ass #1 choice.
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