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Maiden33's Top 25 Albums of 2011

Fret not, those who yearn for Progressive, Power, and Traditional/Melodic Metal recommendations from the board's resident guru!

I won't be ready to begin posting for another week or so, but what I'm planning on doing is kicking off on Wednesday, December 7th and post 1 album every day from then through the 31st, counting down to 1. I may post an "honorable mentions" on the 6th, or somewhere else along the way. I'm pretty sure I've nailed down which albums to include, just gotta nail down specific rankings.

I opted out of doing more of a general "year in review" which include shows, because I went to an overall low number of shows this year, that a top 10 would be absolutely pointless. I think I went to like 12 or so, including the Armored Saint show I'm going to this Friday.
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