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Originally Posted by GarageMetal468 View Post

Mammoth Grinder

Dates seen: January 8th, 2011 and May 28th, 2011 (Maryland Deathfest)

Fun fact: They were the very first band of the year I saw!

This was at a free Scion sponsored even featuring these guys opening, followed by Black Breath and then Trap Them playing last. If I were to describe Mammoth Grinder, I would describe them as a more punk version of Entombed. These guys are very solid live. Lots of energy and they don't stop for anything. You'll be banging your head the entire time they're playing. I also saw them at Maryland Deathfest later in the year where they did a great cover of Venom's Welcome to Hell!
Mammoth Grinder is awesome live!! I've seen them twice now. Once with Hatred Surge and once with Weekend Nachos and Low Threat Profile. I like it when they tour with Hatred Surge so they can do the split sets since they are the same band.
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