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GarageMetal468's top live bands of 2011

Since I'm WAY too lazy to go through all the albums released this year and rank them (I don't think I actually have a #1, let alone a top 5) I may as well go ahead and rank the bands I saw this year. This isn't shows/gigs, this is the bands themselves since we all know Maryland Deathfest would be #1 if I were raking shows. I'm still putting the list together and ranking them, but I'll tell you now that there's gonna be a lot.

I do have one more show this year that I plan on going to, which is Macabre at the end of December, but they won't be on here for reasons that I will explain very shortly.

Some notes:

I am NOT including bands I saw previous years ago. This list will only contain bands that I've seen live for the first time this year. Seeing as how I've gone to the most shows this year out of any other year, there's a lot I've seen for the first time.

So, bands that would not be included in this case are:

The Black Dahlia Murder
Dying Fetus
Toxic Holocaust
Hate Eternal
Vital Remains
Devin Townsend

The amount of bands and the first batch of them will come later tonight...
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