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Originally Posted by Sepultura69 View Post
Yeah bro I'm there with you. Sadus is one of those bands that I like to call "Love at first sight", I still remember when I got swallowed in black. Just like Sepultura and slayer, I instantly knew these guys would be one of my all time favorites. Plus I gotta thank my Cousin who was the one who truly got me into them. Fuck Man i'm still waiting on the day I get to see the all mighty Sadus. I wish I got into them more a couple years back or else I would have totally took the road trip with my cuzin and his friends to go see them headline this Metal festival in San Fransisco(mind you, San Fran is like 7 hours away from me which is why i said roadtrip).
No doubt man. I'd kill to see them again. Even with the new proggy stuff.
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