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Glorior Belli -- Montreal, Canada -- November 25th, 2011

here's a setlist for Glorior belli when they played at the Messe des Morts in Montreal last friday.Thought some poeple might be interrested. Also suprised VoidFlame didnt post Messe des Morts 2 setlists yet

bands who played that day were: Putamen Insula, Black Scorn, Chasse-galerie, Infernal Stronghold, Forteresse, Glorior Belli and Inquisition.

i had never heard of Putamen Insula and Black Scorn before, while the first band was decent, i didnt enjoy the latter very much. They weren't really my type and the bass was wayyy too loud we couldn't even hear the guitars..i usually love it when the bass is really loud but not this time..

Per Nox Regna
There is but one light
They call me Back Devil
In Paradisium
Negative Incarnate
Bring Down the Cosmic Scheme
Manifesting the Raging Beast
In every Grief-stricken Blues
Deadly Sparks
Horns in my Pathway

i don't have inquisition's set. i left early cause my friends were playing in another bar shortly after Glorior belli finished playing, figured i'd catch them next time with Dark Funeral.
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