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Originally Posted by illuminatus917 View Post

Opeth - Heritage
Arguably the most polarizing release of the year. For me, perhaps the most disheartening release of the year. For the longest time I seriously thought Opeth was at the top of the "current bands making fantastic music" list. As many have pointed out, by taking out heaviness they surrendered their forte: dynamics. And I wasn't one of the folks that opposed the idea of a softer album at first. I just opposed it after I heard it. This thing puts you to sleep. As one poster said on metal archives, this is a half-baked retro regressive progressive rock album. I can see how some might think it's a decent prog rock album, but I can't see, or understand, it being anywhere near the top of the 2011 list.

Not that I think 'Heritage' was one of the stellar releases of 2011 but it slowly grew on me, probably more so after seeing some of those songs played live.
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