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Originally Posted by illuminatus917 View Post

Opeth - Heritage
Arguably the most polarizing release of the year. For me, perhaps the most disheartening release of the year. For the longest time I seriously thought Opeth was at the top of the "current bands making fantastic music" list. As many have pointed out, by taking out heaviness they surrendered their forte: dynamics. And I wasn't one of the folks that opposed the idea of a softer album at first. I just opposed it after I heard it. This thing puts you to sleep. As one poster said on metal archives, this is a half-baked retro regressive progressive rock album. I can see how some might think it's a decent prog rock album, but I can't see, or understand, it being anywhere near the top of the 2011 list.

FINALLY someone who agree's with me. Everyone that lives around me sucks Opeth's dick and thinks this was the greatest thing released since the first BTBAM album
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