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Hate Eternal -- Philadelphia, PA -- June 19th, 2005

Venue: Balcony Bar

Hate Eternal:

I, Monarch
Two Demons
Obscure Terror
Victorious Reign
Behold Judas
King of all Kings
Dogma Condemned
To Know Our Enemies
Servents of the Gods
Path to the Eternal Gods
By His Own Degree
Sons of Darkness
Powers That Be


Kings of Killing
Thorns of Heaven
Slaying Fate
Hatred Inherit
? (one last song, but I didn't recognize it)


Dying Divinity
Oath of Armageddon
Blasphemous Cremation
Ibex Moon
Decimate Christendom
Impending Diabolic Conquest
Mercyless Tyranny (didn't play because the bass amp blew)

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