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Originally Posted by masterguy49 View Post
Maybe you are just not with the right crowd. Not mosh music at all. The way Jamey works the crowd is just amazing. When I saw them in Orlando 2 weeks ago, he had the whole crowd jumping and going insane, even if they weren't Hatebreed fans. It's just insane and I've never seen a frontman do it. Hell I didn't jump once and the floor felt like the floor of a bounce house. He even managed to turn the whole venue into a pit. Not many bands can do that, but each time I saw Hatebreed, they got everyone going insane.
I mean, I give them credit for working the crowd. This was a tough crowd there were almost no pits, and I had a good view to see if there were. He got everyone to jump and whatnot (which is difficult in an arena). But still, musically, every single song sounded exactly the same. I would have been fine hearing 2 Hatebreed songs, get the crowd pumped up and crazy, then stop. After about 5 I was like OK, when is this going to be any different than the last one?
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