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#3 could have easily been Postmortem/Raining Blood but I wanted to stick to a strict 3 songs per band limit and in Slayer's case I chose 1 from each of their 1st 3 masterpiece albums. The main reason I chose Altar/Jesus over the others is simple... seat cushion hell.

I'm sure most people have heard about or have seen video of the Felt Forum in '88 when fans tore up the seat cushions and were winging them all over the place and at the band. If not I included an infamous clip with Tom's classic speech from that night.

Well not many people know that this happened at many places on that tour and even on the Clash of the Titans tour. Apparently the word didn't get around back then.

So the Mensa members at The Baltimore Arena decide to put 40 rows of seats in front of the stage with a general admission pit behind the seats with the seats guarded by 10 security guys. My buddy scored 8th row seats so I was jakked to be able to headbang while standing on my seats and have a great view with no chance of taking a Doc to the noggin. Little did I know...

The 1st few songs were great. They opened with mostly newer stuff and the crowd was nuts but not much crazier than they were for Megadeth. Once Altar of Sacrifice started that all changed...

1st people started bumrushing the guards and rows of seats. This made the entire section of seats move. People were falling off their seats and jumping down to not get hurt. I refused and rode that shit like a surfboard. They must have been doing a Wall of Death type charge because several times we got ROCKED and had to grab people or the seat backs in front of us to stay up. At this point the people in the back rows bailed. They either went up into the reserved seating, back into the pit or pushed upwards into the aisle. It was total chaos. I was so happy to hear my favorite song at the time that I didn't care. I was jamming out and praying they went right into Jesus Saves and didn't break it up like they always did with Postmortem & Raining Blood.

As soon as they went into the 1st chords of Jesus Saves I was a pig in slop. I was so happy and ready to belt out every word at a million miles a minute then as soon as I was ready to go ballistic I got clobbered in the back of the head by a seat cushion. POW! I was like WTF? I turned around and people were winging cushions like frisbees all over the place. The guards were gone and it was total chaos behind me. I didn't care. I could tough it out for 3 more minutes. I jammed out like a lunatic to Jesus Saves taking a few grazing shots but nothing major. After that song they stopped the show and made the pit people retreat long enough to grab as many cushions as they could and restored order for the rest of the show for the most part.

Definitely a concert moment I'll never forget and when I got hold of a bootleg copy of the NYC Felt Forum show I laughed because it brought back so many memories. Needless to say no venue after the Clash of the Titans Tour ever had removeable cushions on the floor and if they did I bet they wouldn't let Slayer play there. You can pretty much thank Slayer for Gen Adm floors at venues around the world now too. Reason #28 why Slayer FUCKING RULES!

#3 - Slayer - Altar of Sacrifice/Jesus Saves

Slayer - Angel of Seat Cushion Hell
3/3 - Hell Yeah
3/31 - Coal Chamber & Filter
5/16 - Clutch & Mastodon

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