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Actually, I do have some new and relevant info about this show. I just watched about half of the video I took from this gig, and it is perhaps the best video I've taken of these guys yet. I was sitting on the stage at Mike Sullivan's feet (right in front of his pedal board - I had to be careful not to bump into it and fuck up his settings) for the whole set...almost "too" close. I noticed several times while reviewing the video that the majority of the sound from the drums was actually live and not filtered through the house's sound system, because I was sitting so close to Dave that I was getting more volume from Dave himself than from the speakers which were next to me and pointing toward the back of the room. I have yet to see if some of the super close-up shots I tried to get turned out, because as I mentioned above, the lighting was a real challenge, but one thing I know for sure is that the audio on this recording is damned good for an amateur bootleg.

Before anybody asks, it will probably not make it to least not for a long while. I have so much shit to do, that downloading these tapes, cleaning up the video and cutting it into separate clips for each song is not gonna happen for quite a, I'm not sure if I want to post it or not. Usually I tell bands when I ask them to tape that I don't post on YouTube or similar sites, and that usually makes a difference in them allowing me to do it. I didn't mention that to Dave this time around, but I still feel a sense of responsibility to follow my typical M.O. on this one. We'll see. If it's as awesome as I think it may be, I might make an exception...
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