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I was there. Mastodon was selling red booty shorts that said "Asstodon" on the back. I ended up getting the redshirt with the hunter cover on the front.

Red Fang was really good. I hadn't heard them before but most people said they sounded similar to Mastodon and they were right. They have this stoner/sludge sound, really bass driven and cool sounding.

Now, about Dillinger Escape Plan, they aren't the band I would listen to on my iPod but their show is quite a spectacle and entertaining. The people in the pit were definitely passionate about them.

And Mastodon rocked the house. The Buffalo fans were really into it, especially the tracks from The Hunter. There was no stage banter whatsoever, just song after song. Well actually, Bill and Brent said something real quick at some point but then they started the next song. I think Bill said "Is anyone here from Rochester?" and then (I THINK) Brent said "I like being in this band, it's fucking loud". I read a lot of comments hating the song Creature Lives but the crowd loved it and it's the perfect closing song. After the show Brann and Troy talked for a bit, saying they are from Rochester. Brann said he had fun eating some wings and watching the Sabres win their game.
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